The onion will first form a top and then when a specific
combination of daylight, darkness, and temperature is reached,
bulb formation starts.

Packed With Nutrients

Benefit Heart Health

Export All Over World

Pickling Onions

We’re small onions with thin, papery covering on our bulb. We’re either white or brown and are used for pickling. Larger sized onions are sold as brown, white, red or yellow, depending on outside skin colour.

White Onions

We have white skin and flesh, are milder than brown onions and are suitable for salads, as well as cooking.

Brown Onions

We have a brown skin and creamy flesh, are usually strongly flavoured and are suitable for cooking.

Red Onions

We have red to purplish-red flesh, and are sometimes called Spanish onions or salad onions. We vary in flavour and can be used raw in salads, as well as being cooked.

Yellow Onions

We’re a pale form of brown onions with yellowish-brown skin and creamy-white flesh.

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Shop No. 52,
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