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We’ve Upgraded Our Server

November was a big month for us traffic-wise, and we only expect things to get busier as we release more sites and they get more publicity. Our MediaTemple (gs) was performing fine at first, but the amount of traffic we have been receiving has been taxing our server resources, especially the MySQL databases, and in some cases was creating unacceptably long load times. In light of this we’ve purchased a MediaTemple (dv), or dedicated virtual server, and are in the process of migrating all of our sites from the (gs) to the (dv) during the month of December.

What does this mean for our clients? Increased performance in the form of quicker page-load times, better uptime, and the SEO benefit of having a unique IP address. While it’s too early to tell just how big the speed gains will be, we migrated a site onto the (dv) last night and its homepage was loading in at a snappy 1.5 seconds, even with an empty cache. This simulates the experience of a new user who has never visited the site before and doesn’t have any of the site files already stored on their computer. We’ll continue to monitor our analytics software and report back when we have more concrete data to share.

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