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Dunnellon Historical Society Site Launches

If you’ve been on some of the Web’s most popular design and CSS galleries, like CSS Drive, CSS Mania or The Best Designs, you’re likely to see the site we built for the Greater Dunnellon Historical Society featured prominently.

We’re always excited when one of our sites gets a lot of attention and this one is no exception. After many hours of research, illustration and coding, it’s always reassuring to see your hard work pay off. Early on in this project, we decided to implement the awesome HTML 5 Boilerplate as our HTML/CSS framework. That’s right, HTML 5. Who said it wouldn’t be ready until 2022? We didn’t hear anything about that. Thanks to HTML 5 Boilerplate, the site is running fully valid HTML 5 yet it displays properly in Interner Explorer 6 and 7.

The site is also running the newest release of ExpressionEngine 2.1, with a handful of our favorite free add-ons, like Freeform, Character Limiter, Accessible CAPTCHA and ED Imageresizer. Members of the society can log in to the control panel to easily update events and content pages. We’ve also integrated the site with a Flickr account so the members can easily upload a lot event photos and historic photos and easily organize them. The most recently added photos are pulled onto the site.

We’re proud to say that the site has received a lot of praise and attention, and we’ve had over 5,000 visits this week alone! Go on, check it out for yourself.

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